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The Instagram algorithm determines exactly which posts people see on their timelines, every time they open the app. After its latest updates, many users have seen a significant drop in engagement levels. The algorithm is powered through machine learning and is continuously changing based on new data it receives.

Instagram claims that their end goal is to learn how to feed the best content to every user. Therefore, the content that keeps users on the platform for longer and makes them reopen their apps, is going to be visible to a large audience. Instagram’s updates mean adopting new strategies so…

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According to a survey conducted by Ficci and the Indian Angel Network (IAN) on the ‘impact of COVID-19 on Indian Startups,’ 70% of startups say their business has been negatively impacted and 12% have even had to shut down their operations. The way companies choose to respond during these challenging times will determine their success in the future. Some Indian businesses have set new industry standards and reinvented themselves to strengthen their community and thrive in the current situation. One such company, that has successfully tackled the challenges of COVID-19 and emerged stronger, is Rapido.

Rapido, a Bengaluru-based bike taxi…

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COVID-19’s speed and scale have led to uncertainty, elevated stress, and caused emotional distress to people all around the world. During the pandemic, every individual is unsure and scared. As a result of this mental state, people tend to focus on the present rather than prepare for and work towards the future.

Businesses are struggling every day to remain afloat. Leaders need to make tough trade-offs and also communicate complex issues to diverse audiences. Today, every business is put under the spotlight, as each citizen assesses their actions with skepticism. The decisions brands make, the care they show, how they…

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“Oh, so you’re one of those feminist types.”

One of my friends said this to me after reading my last article. I could tell from his tone that he did not mean it as a compliment. It was almost the same tone he would have used to say something like,

“Oh, so you’re a supporter of Hitler.”

It was disheartening to see that someone so close to me, someone so educated, had this viewpoint. Over the next few days, I was consciously thinking about this and, thus, noticed the memes, references, music videos, graphics, hashtags and more around the topic…

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“Back when I was in school,” my grandmother narrated as we all sat down together to have dinner, “The student who got the highest score wouldn’t have to pay the next year’s school fee. The thirteen-year-old me wanted to make my parents proud. But more than that, I wanted to earn that scholarship so my parents wouldn’t have to put a stop to my education to afford my brother’s. I skipped playtime, I stayed in school after hours and revised material with the teachers, then went home and studied the next chapter. This was my schedule for a month until…

Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi

Marketing strategist, writer and feminist with a flair for detail, a knack for storytelling and a hint of humour.

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